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Zookeepers and veterinarians looking for safe handling and restraint techniques for use on venomous snakes can click here.

Does your group need snake safety training? It's free for public safety officers. Special training is also available for zookeepers, veterinarians and others who are working with venomous snakes in captivity.

Help, there's a snake in my house! Do you need an emergency snake removal? If you have a snake on your property, and you know exactly where it is right now, click here for instructions on what you should do next.

Do you have a repeat problem with seeing snakes on your property? Click here if you just saw a snake, but you don't really know where it is right now.

Do you want to learn more about snakes or identify a snake you saw?

Do you need snakes for film or photo work? Click here to find out how to get the password to our custom venomous snake photography site. You must state a professional affiliation.

Volunteer to become a Snake Getter in your neighborhood. Click here to find out how.