Send Emergency Email to Snake Getters

The email to cell phone gateway is no longer working reliably. If you have a snake emergency, please phone Howard Riley to dispatch the closest Snake Getters volunteer at (407) 467 9976. The email to cell phone gateway may not be monitored 24 hours a day.

If you have an EMERGENCY snake situation that you need consulting for, you can try to send email to the Snake Getters cell phone. The email must have your phone number as the very first line in the body of the message. The subject of the message must contain the word "SNAKEHELP". We cannot guarantee a rapid response, so please use a search engine like Google to try to find your nearest herpetological society, wildlife rehabilitator, Fish and Wildlife station or animal control officer.

Call up your email program by clicking here or by manually opening whatever program you use to send email. You will need to type the following email address: snakegetters a^t usa net. Change the a^t to an @ sign and add a dot between usa and net. In the subject line, type SNAKEHELP. The first line of the main message must be your phone number. The rest of the message can be anything you like, but we will only be able to read the first few lines while on the road.

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