Help! There's A Zillion Snakes On My Property!

If you have a chronic or repeat snake problem, here is some good news for you. Members of local herpetological societies (reptile lovers) are often very glad to be given permission to go and catch snakes on someone's property where they are plentiful. If you email us your name, phone number, the city you live in and how many snakes you have seen in the last few weeks, we will pass it on to some folks who might be glad to come and help you out with your problem. One hint: if you have seen only one or two snakes in the last month, your property is not going to be considered prime snake hunting grounds, and you will need to call the professional service of Snake Removal at 1-800-339-9470 to get a field herpetologist to come out to you and spend time surveying your property for snake hazards.

The professional field herpetologists of Snake Removal will respond to your call immediately. A request to open your property to volunteers from the local herpetological society for a snake hunt generally takes several weeks to organize, and often will not be organized at all unless you are able to guarantee that snakes are present in known locations on a daily basis (ie, a den site).

Click here to find out more about what you should do when you see a snake.

DISCLAIMER: What we are doing here is offering a public exchange forum where people with a lot of snakes who don't want them in their backyards can connect with people who want to catch snakes. All activities you subsequently conduct after meeting someone through this page (handling venomous snakes, moving heavy objects to find snakes, etc) are done at your own risk. Our suggested criteria for volunteers is that they must have documentable experience in the safe handling of native reptiles, and they must possess any permits necessary (venomous license, etc). However, no warranty or guarantee is implied as we do not have the time or resources to check people's backgrounds.

Click here if you agree with this disclaimer and would like to contact Snake Getters to invite local hobbyists to organize a snake hunt on your property.

If you like, you can post your contact information in the Snake Getters guest book and ask volunteer snake catchers to organize a hunt in your area.

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