Rough Green Snake Opheodrys aestivus

This arboreal (tree climbing) snake can be found clinging to branches and hunting for its next meal of small insects or spiders. It is harmless and does not usually bite even when handled.

There is only one other arboreal snake native to Central Florida, and that is the yellow rat snake. The grey rat snake is another climber that can be found in North Florida. Red rat snakes are also excellent cliimbers, but are more often found on the ground. Rat snakes are also harmless, though these snakes can be defensive and may bite if handled or molested. So if you see a snake high up in a tree or on top of a fence, don't worry. Our Florida venomous snakes don't like to climb, since they aren't physically strong enough to support their own weight by coiling tightly around a branch like these arboreal snakes can.

In other countries, the snakes you find in trees are not always harmless. Africa and Asia are home to several species of tree vipers such as the Atheris species in Africa and the Trimeresurus and Tropidolaemus groups in Asia. Click here to see some fascinating photos of exotic venomous snakes from Coastal Reptiles.

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