Dr. Bryan Fry with a Florida cottonmouth Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti

Snake handling tongs Snake Handling Made Easy
with Midwest Gentle Giant Tongs

Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry, the "Venom Doc", safely captures a Florida cottonmouth in its native habitat with Midwest's Gentle Giant tongs.

Dr. Fry is an expert when it comes to handling venomous snakes. His job is to search out and capture some of the deadliest creatures in the world in the hopes of unlocking the medical secrets hidden in their venom. But he says that even a novice can use Gentle Giant tongs safely and effectively.

Midwest Gentle Giant tongs are designed for the comfort and safety of both the snake and the handler. Snakes are comfortably supported as well as firmly controlled in the wide, gentle grip of this professional handling tong. As a result they do not struggle and fight nearly as much as snakes restrained with the more conventional narrow jawed tongs which can cause pain and injury to the snake. Snakes are easy to capture, contain and control with the Gentle Giant tong from Midwest.

The Venom Doc says, "When my life is on the line, I use only top of the line." To Dr. Fry, that means Midwest professional handling products. Made in America from high quality materials such as aircraft grade aluminum and steel, designed by professional snake handlers for professional snake handlers.

Snake Getters endorses Midwest animal handling products because both the products and the company are humane and concerned with the safety and comfort of snakes as well as their human handlers. Unlike most other manufacturers of snake handling products, Midwest does not attend or endorse the cruel practices of rattlesnake roundups. Because the manufacturers are experienced snake keepers and active participants in the herpetological and zoological community, their designs are the result of many years of feedback from some of the best (and best known) handlers in the world, including Mark O'Shea and Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry. If you need to buy snake handling gear, you will find the best quality as well as the best corporate ethics at Midwest.


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