Snake Getters Snake Safety Training Course - Introduction

This online manual is meant to be a companion to the Snake Getters officer safety training course offered in Central Florida. If you are not a public safety officer or wildlife officer you may still find valuable information here, but this course is targeted to the special needs and concerns of police, fire/rescue, animal control and other public safety officers.

If you are interested in bringing the Snake Getters officer safety training course to your department, please contact Snake Getters.

If you are an individual or a homeowner seeking information about how to safely move snakes on your property, take a look at the main Snake Getters site pages which may be of more help to you.

If you are a zookeeper, veterinarian or private snake keeper, Snake Getters also offers individualized training in hands-on techniques for safe and humane snake restraint, medication, care and maintenance for venomous snakes in captivity. Please contact Snake Getters for more information. Click here for some articles of interest to venomous reptile keepers.

Click here if you have a snake emergency and need to contact Snake Getters right now to arrange an emergency snake pickup.

Snake Getters is a volunteer wildlife rescue network working in cooperation with educators, researchers, zoos, universities and reptile rehabilitators worldwide. We provide emergency rescue, relocation and rehabilitation services locally, and provide non relocatable specimens, biological samples and data to zoological and academic institutions internationally. Our mission statement is to work towards improving the standards of humane treatment, conservation and care for venomous reptiles in the wild and in captivity.

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