Keeping Venomous Snakes Safely


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Venomous Snakes And The Private Keeper

Handling For Hobbyists:
What should my "first hot" be?
Venomous Snake Handling Heresies
Caring For Hot Herps At Home
K Through 12 Hot Keeping - Part I by Scott Bice
K Through 12 Hot Keeping - Part II by Scott Bice
Venomous reptile care sheets
Venomoid FAQ
Herp Humor And Fun
Please Don't Pet The Gaboons
The Elite Myth by Scott Bice

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Disclaimer: Handling venomous snakes is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. No book or web page alone can teach you how to safely handle venomous snakes. If you are not an experienced professional, or under the guidance of a professional, don't try any of this stuff at home.

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