Handling Venomous Snakes Safely
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Veterinary Tutorials:
Veterinary article index

Handling Tools and Techniques:
Getting started with hots
Using a snake hook
An overview of snake tongs
Tubing and head restraint
Tailing venomous snakes
Pro Bagger tutorial and review
Emergency snakebite protocols
Venomous reptile care sheets

Snake Removal:
Police officer snake safety training
Snake Getters snake removal help

Herp Hobbyists:
Venomous Herp Keeping - article index
Venomoid FAQ

Commercial services:
Venom samples
Film and photo work

Disclaimer: Handling venomous snakes is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. No book or web page alone can teach you how to safely handle venomous snakes. If you are not an experienced professional, don't try any of this stuff at home.

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