Before And After

This snake's mouth doesn't look quite so bad after three days of intensive care and antibiotics. Daily soaks in Nolvasan have helped keep the mouth injuries clean, and we are using an oral cleansing gel sold for dogs and cats that we think has some excellent applications in reptile medicine - MaxiGuard by Addison Laboratories. Ingredients include ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and zinc gluconate.

Veterinarians are becoming increasingly aware of modern research findings that suggest pain management is a very important factor in recovery for injured reptiles. In our experience mambas are very sensitive to pain and will react to it in ways that are clinically measurable. Click here to read an earlier case history on this subject. These animals are being kept as comfortable as possible with long lasting pain relief medication (Buprenorphine) and topical anesthetic (2% lidocaine) with nerve blocks during mouth treatments.