Venomous snake tubing and head restraint

Tubes for venomous snake restraint:
Basic tubing demo - three pages
Oral medications in a tube (part 2)
Safe release from a tube (part 3)
Gripping a rattlesnake from inside a tube (page 1)
Gripping a rattlesnake from inside a tube (page 2)
Tubing elapids
Veterinary procedures on tubed snakes
Resuscitating a snake in a tube

Head restraint in venomous snake handling:
Rattlesnake head grips
Three fingered pit viper grips
Elapid head grips
Elapid head grip photo gallery
Snake pinning tools and techniques

Main handling tutorial page
Veterinary articles


Disclaimer: Handling venomous snakes is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. No book or web page alone can teach you how to safely handle venomous snakes. If you are not an experienced professional, don't try any of this stuff at home.

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