Venomous snake restraint: tubing

To safely release the snake, Thomas places the animal's body into a holding container. For a faster moving species, a holding container with higher walls such as a clean garbage can or a large bucket is recommended. Thomas will release his grip and take a step backward while James keeps the tube safely over the snake's head with forceps.

After Thomas has stepped back from the snake, James will pull the tube from the animal's head with the help of a snake hook. Sometimes a very difficult snake may be tubed or untubed with the aid of Gentle Giant tongs. The tongs restrain the animal briefly a few inches behind the head so that the tube can be pushed on or pulled off.

Thomas can now return this beautiful snake safely to its cage.


Thanks to Midwest Custom Products and the Southeastern Hot Herp Society for their assistance in creating this demo. All material here is copyright 2001 by Snake Getters.



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