Venomous Snake Husbandry Basics: Veterinary Care
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For Venomous Reptile Keepers:
The Basics: when your venomous snake is sick
Care sheets and herp health links
Recommended Reading
Choosing a Veterinarian
Assist feeding venomous snakes
Tube feeding and medicating venomous snakes
Useful equipment for venomous snake keepers
Weighing and dosing venomous snakes
Resuscitating a non breathing venomous snake
Veterinary Ethics: Venomoids
Slide Show: Mamba Mouth Injuries

For Animal Care Professionals:
Advanced Veterinary Tools and Techniques
Anesthesia, Chemical Restraint and Pain Management
Constructing an isoflurane box
Veterinary procedures on tubed snakes
Using a pole syringe on venomous snakes
Cobra surgery case writeup
Green mamba capture trauma case
Venomvet mailing list for veterinarians

Venomous snake handling basics

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Safe Veterinary Restraint of Venomous and Dangerous Reptiles

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