Venomoid Atrocity at Hamburg
by Hank Molt

I visited the Hamburg Reptile Show on Saturday 24 April and as expected the Venomoid Butchers were out in full force with all of their mutilated reptiles on display. Just to let you know how outrageous their dealings are, I found this dead venomoid Albino Monacled Cobra in a trash can behind one of the vendor's tables.

If you look closely at the head in front of the thumb you will see the crude scar left by the butcher who did this grotesque procedure. The snake had a lot of fluid in its throat and neck and obviously had an infection as a result of this barbaric procedure which caused its death.

The scum bag venomoid crude ball just tossed this snake in the trash. A perfectly good Albino Monacled Cobra destroyed by one of these disgusting venomoid sphincters. Oh yeah, and one of the little scum bags ( they do not reveal their real names ) called out to me to complain about my campaign against him, saying that I was threatening him. It was hilarious: all the real venomous guys were standing with me. I simply told him that he and his lackeys were not welcome at Daytona and that I will do all in my power to make life as miserable for them as legally possible.

We hear about venomoids, we see the ads but just look at the destroyed reptile in the photos to get a sense of the real tragedy of venomoids. If we continue to make a concerted effort we should be able to rid these scum bags from our midst and force them to have their own shows, ads and forums.

I am declaring war on them.

Let me know what you think.

Hank Molt

Hank Molt Reptiles 3300 D North Main St # 111 Anderson, SC 29621

Comments from Snake Getters - This snake was obviously captive bred and still in excellent body condition. Whoever performed this "surgery" started with a healthy snake and appears to have killed it fairly quickly.

There are several possible scenarios for the fluid buildup, and I can't really say what was happening here without a necropsy. But since reptiles normally respond to bacterial and fungal infection with caseated (solid) pus rather than a liquid filled swelling, I have to wonder what other processes were happening to cause the fluid buildup.

A histologic reaction is a distinct possibility, secondary to extreme pain and stress and soft tissue trauma. I have seen this type of reaction in king cobras under prolonged conscious restraint, where mucous secretions can increase under stress to a level that is potentially life threatening for the patient. Respiratory failure caused by immunodepression and general body system failure from the extreme pain and stress of the operation is another possible culprit. I would have liked a sample of the fluid to check for bacterial load, but I wouldn't honestly be surprised if there wasn't enough of one to be the cause of death.

In short there's a chance that this animal basically died of pain and stress. My suspicion would be that no support medications were used - no pain meds, no antibiotics. That is the normal practice among amateur venomoiders and that would fit this scenario.

Please do not support this cruel and inhumane practice. If you see a dealer selling venomoids, do not buy from him - not even a cricket or a waterbowl. Politely explain why you are not buying, and say that you will resume your purchases when he agrees to stop profiting from the pain and suffering of snakes. Ask the show owners and promoters to ban venomoids from their premises if you see them at an event. If we stand together, we can make a difference.

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