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Do you need snake safety training? Snake Getters can help. Many services are free to public safety officers (police, animal control, wildlife, fire/rescue, sheriff, etc). Email us -

There are three types of courses offered - basic snake safety for the homeowner, snake safety training for officers and wildlife trappers, and individualized training in hands-on techniques for safe and humane snake restraint for zookeepers and veterinarians. We are based in Central Florida but may be able to help you no matter where you are located.

Do you need to film or photograph snakes? Or do you need high quality digital photographs of a particular venomous snake species or behavior? An assortment of snakes and their handlers on your film or photography set? Email us with a statement of your professional affiliation, and you will receive the address and password to our venomous snake photography and film site where you can view better quality sample photos of the species we have available.

Are there snakes hiding around your property? Need a full property sweep or a telephone consultation by a qualified field herpetologist? Call Snake Removal at 1-800-339-9470 if you think there's a snake hiding somewhere around your house and you want it removed. This is a professional service and there is a fee for these non-emergency calls.

If you have a live snake in a known location right now and you need to arrange an emergency snake pickup, click here to find out how to contact us and arrange for an emergency pickup anywhere in Central Florida. The fee for this service is that you do not harm the snake and you agree to either turn the snake over to our service or to release it unharmed in exactly the same place it was trapped. If you don't know where the snake is but you know it is hiding around your property somewhere, click here.

Bothered by too many snakes on your property? If you keep seeing snakes in your yard when you don't want to, there may be a solution. We may be able to help you find some collectors from a local herpetological society who are willing to mount an expedition. Email us with a description of your situation to request a visit from volunteer snake collectors. However, most volunteer collectors will only do emergency calls to pick up a snake that you have confined or trapped.

Do you have a question about snakes? Click here to find a list of Internet resources that will help you identify a snake you saw and answer questions. To find out what kind of snake you saw, visit the What Snake Is This forum. Or post your basic questions on the General Snake Forum. For a complete list of the forums you can visit on to interact with hobbyists and experts, visit the Forums.

Please don't email us with snake questions unless you have already tried everything on our Snake Links page and still cannot find an answer. We can help get snakes off your property, but we can't do everyone's biology homework. Instead we have provided a collection of links and resources you can use to find the answers you need. Click here to find out where to call, email or surf the Web for answers to snake questions.

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