Pro Bagger Review

Midwest Custom Tools


If you have ever sweated to carry heavy capture gear into the field, or ever regretted not carrying it, you will seriously appreciate the latest snake-getting gadget from Midwest Custom Tools. The Pro Bagger weighs in at under two pounds and fits comfortably on your belt. You'll hardly remember that it's there, until the time comes to whip it into action. And that's where the real fun begins.

No worries about assembly, mate - just pull the little package out and you have a full sized, sturdy bagging stick in your hand faster than a snake can say "slither". Like an old fashioned cowboy, you just draw from the holster and aim down. The Pro Bagger falls open and locks into place. It really is as easy as that.

The bag is sturdy enough for field use as well as regular home use, and has the depth and width to accommodate even the largest and nastiest of elapids with a good margin of safety. A really excellent feature of this bag design is the sleeve at the bottom that allows you to move snakes directly into a restraint tube or another container instead of continually replacing bags on the stick.

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