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Pictured here are both of Midwest Custom Products' bagsticks side by side. The Pro Bagger actually expands to be significantly larger than the Snake Bagger, and surprisingly enough seems equally as sturdy. The shaft has two settings, long and short, but I feel most comfortable with the shorter length. However because of its light weight, the Pro Bagger is still very comfortable to wield at its fully extended length. To get the extended length, you'll need to push down the white button on the shaft and give a quick tug to lock it in place. Hint: you can do it one handed if you step on the bag.

If you have one of the original Midwest Snake Baggers, don't consider it obsolete by any means. If you need a multipurpose tool for the snake room, the Snake Bagger is still a great choice, with interchangeable heads that allow it to function as a hook, a bagstick and a pinning stick. But for the field, the Pro Bagger is going to be the number one choice for anyone who is really serious about their snakes.

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