From: Ann T
Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2003 9:07 PM
To: webmaster(at)
Subject: Whitney tongs

Webmaster: I am not sure if addressing this e mail to you is the proper forum, and if not I would appreciate your directing me to the right place.

I am Ann Whitney Tiffany, daughter of Don and Sylvia Whitney who started Whitco Mfg. in 1975. I now own Whitco. I just came across an article on the net titled Venomous Handling: an overview of snake tongs that apparently originated from your website, and the Southeastern Hot Herp Society.

I don't know when this review was published,nor who the author is, but I'd like to make a few major corrections. The article refers to my product being currently manufactured by a skin and leather shop, which participates in rattlesnake roundups. This is no longer the case, and has not been for many months. When I contracted with this person (said contract is now history) to assemble my tongs, the agreement was that their involvement in skins and roundups would cease. This did not happen, so I terminated the deal to assemble and brought all parts and equipment home, so my husband and I could resume production without lining the pockets of a "skin shop", nor deal with a person who makes money off of "roundups", which I abhor.

As I said earlier, I don't know who wrote this review, or the timing, but I just want to make it clear that MiMoJo is no longer associated with Whitco in any way period, and I am pressuring them to remove their web-site claim to be "sole manufacturer of Whitco products". My father designed the Whitney snake tong as a humane tool, and long before his death, and my mother's, we decided to have nothing to do with roundups or people associated with killing snakes just for their wallets' sake.

Any help you could give me in possibly re-directing this e-mail (if necessary) would be greatly appreciated.. I realize that there's nothing to be done about the article already in print, but just for future reference I'd like this matter set straight.

Thank you,
Ann Whitney Tiffany