Herp Humor and Fun

Want to learn how not to handle your venomous snakes? Take a few lessons from Rastus Ledbetter. Better do it quick before he gets bit again by one of his green mambos or Waboom vipers.

See Rastus (actually his clever stunt double) handling the rare Fee Viper. Now that wasn't too bright, was it?. Click here to find out the real story behind these pics.

Tired of hearing all those "fish stories" about the big, huge, giant 20' venomous snake that chased your neighbor over his entire Labor Day Weekend camping trip? Click here for a scientific proposal regarding these legendary creatures.

Photographing wild alligators up close is easy. Unless something goes wrong. Go ahead, laugh. See if I care.

Earthquakes and snakes just don't mix. Pity the keeper.

Even herpers have to eat sometime. Read the culinary musings of a herpetologist. Roadkill warnings ahead.

What happens when a private detective is invited to dinner by a noted herpetologist whose husband died under highly suspicious circumstances? Read the short story In Cold Blood to find out.

This hilarious parody of Steve Irwin's dialogue is not my fault. Really.

The Herpgrrls mailing list is a private email forum for women involved in herpetology and herpetoculture at all levels. Venomous keepers are especially welcome.

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