Snake Getters Manuals

Safe Veterinary Restraint of Venomous and Dangerous Reptiles: A manual for responsible veterinarians and zookeepers working with venomous reptiles


Click here to purchase the Snake Getters venomous veterinary manual using PayPal. Once you have paid, you will be able to download and read the document immediately. By purchasing this manual online, you can also get a free copy of our Snake Getters CD which includes both manuals and over 100 full color venomous snake photos and handling tutorials. You must provide a CD sized self addressed envelope and confirm your PayPal email address to get the bonus CD.

Resources for Snake Emergencies:

Our Police officer snake safety training manual can be printed out and freely given to police officers to help them learn how to move snakes harmlessly instead of killing them. Click here to make your donation of $10 and download the manual.

Help Us Save More Snakes!

Your donations of any amount help us continue our work in providing free training and equipment to police officers, rescuing injured native and exotic venomous snakes, and continuing our research into the unique veterinary needs of venomous reptile patients. Any amount you can manage will be noted and appreciated - especially by our scaly friends.