Venomous snakes need veterinary care too. Unfortunately they don't always receive it.. We offer educational resources for veterinarians as well as for venomous snake keepers to help increase the standards of humane veterinary care in this field. We also train police and animal control officers in the humane capture and release of snakes in the field, and coordinate about a hundred volunteers who respond to snake removal calls from our 24 hour snake emergency hotline.

Most of the rescues that come into our facility have been injured by people. Working with a local veterinary hospital, we do our best to relieve their suffering and to preserve their quality of life. We do our best to make them as comfortable as a baby swaddled in a blanket, but unfortunately our budget is limited so we can't always save as many animals as we would like. You can make a real difference in the number of animals we can save. Your donations of any amount help us continue our work in providing free training and equipment to police officers, rescuing injured native and exotic venomous snakes, and continuing our research into the unique veterinary needs of venomous reptile patients. Any amount you can manage will be noted and appreciated - especially by our scaly friends. You can also support our rescue and education efforts by purchasing one of our training manuals. Donate now with your PayPal account or credit card to snakegetters @


If you have a facility that is legally licensed to keep venomous snakes and you can offer them a good standard of veterinary care, donating to our "Adopt A Snake" program can lead to your actually adopting the snake. Our facilities are limited and we cannot keep all of the animals we successfully rehabilitate. Or you can make your donation and just enjoy the photos and reports from the vet hospital on how "your" adopted snakes are doing.

We rescue many native Florida snakes as well as exotic venomous species that are injured during their capture and importation for sale to the wildlife trade. Many of the venomous snakes we see are the victims of crude defanging attempts or cruel amateur venomoid operations that lead to broken bones, severe infection and eventually a painful death without veterinary care. If you love venomous snakes and want to keep them, please do not support their cruel abuse - don't buy a venomoid. Click here to find out why many veterinarians oppose this procedure and refuse to perform it.

Some of the healthy snakes our volunteers remove are not considered relocatable - their habitat has been marginalized or destroyed by commercial development, and telemetry studies indicate that if these animals are moved too far away from where they were captured, they will probably die. These animals are available for adoption to any facility that meets our standards for providing a permanent home with veterinary care and high quality husbandry. We do not profit by selling animals, but adopters must cover costs for veterinary care or prove that they are providing an immediate veterinary examination at their own facility for "fresh" wild caught animals whose health status is unknown.

We also help pay the vet bills by offering biological samples (venom and DNA), and custom photos or film setups. Our animals have been "actors" on National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, and have also appeared in various books and magazines. Please respect what we are doing to try to save these animals and do not steal images from this site as our photo work helps keep the vet bills paid. If you see an image you would like to use, please email us and ask permission to use it. Permission will almost always be granted if your use is nonprofit or educational, but please do ask first.

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