Snake Safety Training

Not all of the snakes rescued by Snake Getters volunteers are venomous. This poor little guy was reported on the phone as a "pygmy rattlesnake" and was almost beaten to death before one of our volunteers could arrive. Fortunately we were able to identify the snake and keep the home owner calmed down on the phone to give the volunteer time to get to the scene and rescue the animal. This lovely and docile young red rat snake was donated to a nature center for use in their children's education programs.

We frequently see tragic scenes where harmless snakes are killed because they are mistaken for venomous species. It is equally tragic when a venomous snake is killed when it could have been safely relocated or harmlessly captured for venom research. Unfortunately some of the people killing snakes are police and animal control officers. Continuing education is our goal, and raising funds to donate snake hooks and tongs to public safety officers so that they can move nuisance snakes harmlessly without killing them. Click here to find out about our police officer snake safety training course.

We thank Midwest for donating their "factory seconds" for this use. If you support the education of police officers in humane snake safety training, please consider making a donation to our cause. Any amount you can manage will be noted and appreciated - especially by our scaly friends.

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