Aberrant Venomous Snakes

Sometimes animals are born that are aberrant or unusual in color or pattern. This cottonmouth was born with an odd geometrical pattern that she has retained into adulthood. Some traits are heritable, meaning that they can be passed on to an animal's offspring, and some aberrations are caused by things like temperature fluctuations during embryonic development and are not heritable.

Cottonmouths are one of the most common rescue animals we take in here in Central Florida. Some of them have been struck or even shot by people who believe that they are aggressive and dangerous. In our experience Florida cottonmouths are calm and fairly predictable animals that are easy to handle and non aggressive.

One young cottonmouth we recently saved was shot through the neck with an air rifle pellet or a BB gun. Fortunately the damage was all to the soft tissue and the pellet passed all the way through her without striking bone. After some stitches and a course of antibiotics and pain medication she is healthy again and ready for adoption. Cottonmouths have very little monetary value as they are common animals, so her veterinary bills far exceed her worth - except in our eyes. She is a beautiful snake and she deserved a chance to live and grow. We gave it to her.

You can help us give more snakes a chance by donating towards our rescue efforts. Any amount will help.

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