Do you need snakes removed from your property?

Help, there's a snake in my house! Do you need an emergency snake removal? If you have a snake on your property, and you know exactly where it is right now, click here for instructions on what you should do next.

If you have a snake problem, we can help remove the snakes in a humane way that benefits scientific research and education. We are always willing to pick up venomous snakes (poisonous snakes), but we prefer to teach property owners how to live safely with snakes instead of removing them. Snake Getters is an informal network of experienced snake handlers, nuisance wildlife trappers, biologists, researchers, zookeepers and other reptile professionals.

We are based in Central Florida, but no matter where you have the problem we'll try to help you - as long as you promise not to hurt the snake. If you are not willing to make that promise, we cannot help you. You will have to call a professional pest control company and pay for their snake removal services, which are usually neither cheap nor effective.

Our emergency snake pick-up and community education services are free, but as we have limited time and resources, you will be referred to the professional Snake Removal service at 1-800-339-9470 for all non-emergency calls. (If you can't see the snake any more and don't know where it's at, you should go directly to Snake Removal). You can purchase your own safe snake handling and snake removal tools at or call toll free 1-877-87TONGS.