Who Ya Gonna Call? Snake Getters!

I currently have a live snake in my possession that I want you to take away. I know exactly where the snake is and I have it cornered, trapped or contained. I have not harmed or injured this snake. I understand that I cannot call Snake Getters volunteers at home to ask snake questions or for any reason other than to pick up a snake. Is this all true? Click on one of the two statements below.

Yes, I certify that all these things are true and I need a Snake Getters volunteer to come and pick up a snake.

I have a snake emergency that is happening right now and I need to page the volunteer hotline.

No, I don't know exactly where the snake is, so I need some help from a professional to find it and have it removed.

By clicking here to ask for help by email, I am affirming that I have seen snakes on my property more than once in a week or three times in one month, and I would like to ask volunteers from local herpetological societies to make an attempt to collect snakes from my property.

Need a full property sweep by a qualified herpetologist? Call Snake Removal at 1-800-339-9470 if you think there's a snake hiding somewhere around your house and you want it removed. This is a professional service and there is a fee for these non-emergency calls. Snake Getters volunteers do emergency snake pickups and community education services only.

I just have some questions about snakes.


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